Carnelian Elastic Bracelet by Charged Jewelry

Carnelian Elastic Bracelet by Charged Jewelry


Charge your Creativity

Carnelian is the stone of motivation and endurance. It brings courage to the wearer and enhances leadership ability. In Ancient Egypt, Carnelian was worn by master architects to show their rank of builder, and alchemists of the Middle Ages used it as a boiling stone to activate energy. Carnelian is the stone of creativity and has been dubbed a professional support crystal for artists, musicians, builders, speakers and teachers.

  • 18k gold plated plus and minus balance beads
  • genuine carnelian semi-precious stones
  • elastic stretch bracelet
  • designed in Los Angeles, CA
  • charged in Sedona, AZ

All Charged Jewelry pieces make the pilgrimage to Sedona and are charged in the middle of a high-energy vortex. The earth is exceptionally alive with energy, and the hope is that each wearer can acknowledge that throughout each negative in life, there is always a positive circling close behind.

Since gemstones are natural materials and each gemstone is unique, please note that stone colors may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet; making your Charged Bracelet truly one-of-a-kind and beautifully unique, just like you.

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