The Edit: What's in My Bag

From squinty eyes to afternoon slumps, we've got you covered.  And, of course, you'll smell mighty good, too.

1. It all starts with the right bag and this one will get you everywhere you need to go.  With room for your laptop (and everything else), it also makes for the perfect travel or commuter bag.  It's lightweight but super sturdy and also comes with a detachable clutch for when you switch lanes to evening mode.  And it has a tassel. 

2. Colorado sun is BRUTAL and you need to protect your skin at all times.  And squinty eyes asn crow's feet are not my jam either. You need a hat with a brim.  And pom poms.

3. All small stuff belongs in this happy, handmade (lined) zip tote.

4. I get migraines and my doctor says that I need to eat a TON of chocolate.  This one also has pistachios and chilies. Basically, my dream.

5. Because life is busy and stressful and I like to have all of my bases covered. Moon Dusts are nutrient-rich blends of super foods that are alchemized to help the body balance and off set stress. 

6. I'm have oily skin but need to keep things in check.  Lapis Facial Oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory AND helps with redness.

7. We've got a lot of logins to remember and emails to answer and I need my brain to WORK.  It might just be a placebo effect but I swear I notice things clicking a little more smoothly when I double dose.

8. Sandalwood, lavender, wild orange, holy basil, roman chamomile, and patchouli = calm ass me.  I roll it on throughout the day and sniff as needed.

9. Somewhere between pink and red, this is the perfect touch of color and moisture.

10. If you don't like people telling you how good you smell, don't wear this.

And for all of the other things in my bag pictured but not on this list, Ray Ban sunglasses, my favorite ever disposable fountain pens, and some crystals (available in the shop) because you just never know. ;-)



michelle dehaven