Oil Cleanse by Kindred Skincare

Oil Cleanse by Kindred Skincare


Place three or four pumps of Kindred Oil Cleanse into your hands and gently massage onto your face. Allow a few minutes for the oil to penetrate your skin and loosen the effects of the day. The essential oils in Kindred Oil Cleanse will release your stresses and lift your spirits.

Once a few minutes have passed, saturate a soft washcloth with very warm water and gently rub the oil from your face. Afterward, rinse your face with warm tap water or step into the shower to continue the cleansing process. There is no need to use soap; just gently dry your face and follow with either Morning Moisture or Nightly Nourish.


Ingredients (all organic):

castor oil

coconut oil

almond oil

shea butter oil

grape seed oil

evening primrose oil

rose hip oil

geranium oil

rose oil

lavender oil

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